Teenagers can be a handful, right? Those little rascals. Now imagine a teen who has super strength, can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes. And we haven’t even mentioned puberty! Deco went to Los Angeles to chat with the cast of “Brightburn.”

Elizabeth Banks (as Tori Beyer): “Whatever you’ve done, I know there is good in you!”

Oooorrr maybe not. “Brightburn” is kinda like the Superman origin story — except the baby that crash lands on Earth is a real jerk.

Even worse: He is pure evil.

David Denman (as Kyle Breyer): “He may look like us, but he’s not like us.”

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” director James Gunn produced “Brightburn,” so we asked him when and where in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this takes place.

James Gunn: (laughs) “This is right before the annihilation of the world, after ‘Endgame.'”

Oooh, ominous — but in all seriousness, this movie has nothing to do with Marvel, which means no superheroes to stop this supervillain in the making.

Elizabeth Banks (as Tori Beyer): “I will never turn against our son.”

David Denman (as Kyle Breyer): “He’s not our son!”

Elizabeth Banks stars as the mother of troubled teen Brandon Breyer. She says, even though this is a horror flick about superpowers, it’s super relatable.

Elizabeth Banks: “I think every parent fears that their kid could be the bad seed, you know? And every parent wonders, ‘Am I responsible if they don’t turn out right?'”

Jackson A. Dunn plays Brandon, who can’t possibly be this sinister in real life.

Jackson A. Dunn: “I’m glad you didn’t jump to the conclusion that I was evil. I hope no one does. It was extremely fun — a great experience, especially for my first feature — to be able to portray this character.”

Things really go off the rails when Brandon finds out he’s not adopted, or even from Earth.

We wanted to know something Elizabeth has discovered that’s changed her perspective on things.

Elizabeth Banks: “When Harvey Weinstein was a rapist. That was a big one for me. I mean…”

James Gunn: “Alleged. Yeah, but wait…”

Elizabeth Banks: “That changed my idea about things.”

That’s heavy stuff. Fifteen-year-old Jackson had a very different answer.

Jackson A. Dunn: “Learning how to talk, that was pretty game-changing.”

David Denman: “That’s a big game changer.”

“Brightburn” is now playing in theaters.

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