Brad Pitt talks new film ‘Ad Astra’ with astronaut Nick Hague

When a star like Brad Pitt has a new movie, he’s usually the one giving interviews and answering questions. This time, he’s the one asking the questions, and this interview is truly out of this world.

Brad Pitt (as Roy McBride): “I’m steady, calm, ready to do my job to the best of my abilities.”

Are we alone in the universe?

A futuristic astronaut played by Brad Pitt in “Ad Astra” is trying to find out. He’s also on a mission to find his missing father who disappeared on Saturn years ago. Brad told the Washington Post how the film has impacted him.

Brad Pitt: “It makes me believe in something bigger than us without being able to define it. I’m OK that we don’t know, but it certainly points me to that kind of belief.”

But is the movie realistic? Brad interviewed a real astronaut, Nick Hague, who happens to be on the International Space Station.

Brad Pitt: “How’d we do? How was our zero-G?”

Nick Hague, astronaut: “I gotta tell you, it was really good. The depictions, the settings. They all look really similar to what I have around me. I gotta imagine it was a lot easier for me to enjoy the zero-G than it was for you.”

The Oscar-nominated actor had some hard hitting questions:

Brad Pitt: “OK, most important question: Who controls the jam box?”

Nick Hague: “We have a rotating playlist. We take turns. It’s nice because we have the international flare as well.”

George Clooney (as Matt Kowalski in “Gravity”): “I hate to say it, but I’m glad to see you. I didn’t think you would make it.”

Brad’s good buddy, actor George Clooney, played an astronaut in the 2013 movie, “Gravity.” It won a lot of Oscars.

Brad Pitt: “Nick, last question. I need to call on your expertise. Who was more believable, Clooney or Pitt?”

Nick Hague: “You were, absolutely.”

Nothing like a healthy dose of Hollywood competition, and a great movie about space and all of its possibilities.

Character in “Ad Astra”: “The world awaits our discovery, my son.”

“Ad Astra” will be in theaters on Friday.

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