Bowlero serves up giant-sized food, drinks at Dolphin Mall

The next time hunger strikes, head for the place where you can bowl a strike. At Bowlero, they’re serving giant-sized menu items. Don’t think you can eat all that food? Spare me.

Jason Couture, chef: “Bowlero Miami is a unique entertainment facility.”

With bowling and laser tag, there’s plenty to do, but also, plenty to eat.

So bring an appetite as big as Bowlero’s food.

Jason Couture, chef: “We are not your typical bowling alley food.”

Bowlero’s Behemoth Burger starts as a six-pound beef patty, and it’s so large, it takes a pizza peel to cook it.

Jason Couture, chef: “It gets a head of romaine lettuce, 10 pieces of American cheese, 12 slices of tomato, it gets two cups of pickles, and everything on there is made to blow you away.”

The burger is more than a foot in diameter, and you need a spatula to serve it.

Jason Couture, chef: “Put together, it is probably about eight and a half to nine pounds with the bun, the bread, the toppings.”

The XXL Pretzel is more than a pound and a half of salty goodness, and you will say hot diggity dog when you check out the Coney mega dog.

Jason Couture, chef: “The mega dog is a two-foot hot dog. It comes with homemade chili, homemade queso, mustard and onions on it.”

Sure they have traditional food sizes, but, come on, it’s more fun to share.

Jason Couture, chef: “The burger you get in a normal restaurant is a half-pound burger, and that is considered a normal size burger. Multiply that times 12, and that is our burger.”

Manuel Vega, customer: “The food is amazing, and it’s really big.”

At Bowlero, the drinks are also colossal.

Their “big swigs” are giant, boozy drinks meant for a group to split.

Jason Couture, chef: “The dunk tank has four types of alcohol inside of it. It is a great, refreshing drink. It actually has a minimum of four people to order that drink.”

You’ll find 100 ounces of cold brew in their beer tower.

Jason Couture, chef: “It comes in this giant tower, and it has a tap below where you can pour your beer for everyone.”

Bring friends to help you down their giant Moscow Mule, which is meant for at least three people.

Jason Couture, chef: “It is a giant Moscow Mule, and it comes in a gigantic copper mug.”

The oversized food and drinks at Bowlero are big on size, and even bigger on flavor.

Jason Couture, chef: “They are made with extremely fresh ingredients that you will love to eat as well as take pictures of.”


Bowlero Miami
11401 NW 12th St.
Miami, FL 33172
(305) 594-0200

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