Beer floats at Serendipity Creamery

It’s Friday, so what’s a beer or two between friends? Especially if said beer has ice cream in it. We know it sounds a little weird, but it’s actually delish! And here’s where you can try it.

Craving a nice cold beer while walking the hot streets of Wynwood?

Jessica Weiss Levison, Serendipity Creamery: “The people of Wynwood are very thirsty.”

Or maybe you prefer the sweet treat of ice cream.

Now, you don’t have to choose.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “Some of the biggest sellers are J. Wakefield Stout, piña colada sorbet and now we have a White Russian ice cream, so we’re constantly testing different versions.”

Serendipity, an ice cream shop in Wynwood, is making delicious beer floats.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “It’s basically the same thing as a root beer float, but made with actual beer.”

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Candice Nestel: “It’s the best of both worlds. You get ice cream and a nice cold beer on a cold day.”

Believe it or not, some brewskies go perfectly with ice cream.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “One combination that tested really well was Blue Moon beer with blood orange sorbet, and a new one that we launched is Funky Buddha Hop Gun with piña colada sorbet.”

Danielle Ciolfi: “The piña colada is just really refreshing and sweet, and so it brings out the sweetness, but then there’s the bitter undertones of the IPA, which I really like. I’m a big beer fan, so this is like the best thing on a hot day.”

Getting the flavors just right isn’t as easy as it seems.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “Constant taste testing, because you don’t typically think of ice cream with beer, in the two independent forms, married, so I’ve had to do a lot of begging.”

Since skateboarders are known to drink fluids, Deco asked a random boarder for his expert opinion.

Skateboarder: “Oh, this is pretty good.”


If you’re more into whiskey, ask for a spiked milkshake instead.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “So the milk itself is spiked, and then we have different house made sauces, so we have a Kahlúa caramel sauce that we put on top, or a chocolate whiskey.”

Sounds divine, and perfect for Wynwood.

Gregg Schapiro: “It’s a party area and everyone likes to drink, and it’s really hot outside, so a nice cool drink always fits.”

More boozy combinations are in the works, and we’re always up for a tasting.

Jessica Weiss Levison: “It’s a constant evolution. How can we sneak liquor into something?”


Serendipity Creamery
421 N.W. 26th St.
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 865-1506

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