Baby daddy hopefuls quizzed on what brought them to ‘Labor of Love’

A procreation reality show is turning into a quiz show. Hot momma Kristy Katzmann is putting the guys to the test in Thursday night’s new episode of “Labor of Love.”

Kristy Katzmann: “This just got real.”

On Thursday night’s “Labor of Love,” Kristy gets to know more about baby daddy wannabes, and all are quizzed on a game night.

The men got quizzed about what brought them to the series.

Marcus: “It’s been a lot of years of preparing myself for my professions and passions, and it hasn’t given me a lot of time for dating.”

Kyle: “It’s the right time for me, and I came to meet an exceptional person and for fatherhood, so that’s why I’m here.”

Some spoke about the unique dating challenges set up for them.

Gary: “Outdoor survival, tangos and all kinds of different things.”

Stuart: “It’s either about preparation for fatherhood, communication, connection, if you can actually father a child and what that looks like.”

Kristy Katzmann : “I’m looking for a hands-on dad, and so, there’s are a lot of things really designed to test that and really see who really understands what that means.”

Host Kristin Davis introduces the challenges, and she also keeps a close eye on things as she supports Kristy on her search.

Kristin Davis: “I’m here for her, and I observe. That’s one of my big things that I do, because I get to go back in the control room and watch everything that Kristy might not be getting to see, so I might know a little bit more than she does, but her instincts are always pretty much right on. If I doubt in any way something that she’s thinking or feeling, I might just say, ‘Are you sure? Do you remember when he said this? Or do you remember when I said that?’ I’m like her sounding board more so.”

A daddy-rific episode of “labor of love” is coming up at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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