All aboard! Capt. Lee details forthcoming season of ‘Below Deck’

From drunken guests to crew members falling overboard, there’s always plenty of drama on “Below Deck.” We caught up with the guy who tries to keep the ship afloat — Captain Lee and asked for permission to come aboard.

An exotic location, a luxury megayacht and plenty of drama. That’s the recipe for Bravo’s “Below Deck,” a reality show that gives a behind the scenes look at life on the high seas.

Lee Rosbach (as himself): “If you’re gonna throw that thing get to the damn dock, God damn it!”

It’s Captain Lee Rosbach’s job to keep everything under control.

We caught up with the captain at Boathouse at The Riverside” in Fort Lauderdale.

Lee Rosbach: “My job is to captain the yacht, take charters out and make clients are happy. I just happen to be getting filmed while doing it.”

Lee Rosbach (as himself): “That anchor drop was [expletive] embarrassing. I should put a bag over my [expletive] head.”

But it’s not just the guests making great TV, the crew gets plenty of airtime.

Lee Rosbach (as himself): “Let’s give em large quantities of cash, apply alcohol, what could go wrong?”

From the stewards to the deckhands, there’s plenty of motion on the ocean.

Lee Rosbach (as himself): “You just cant work on a boat and not have things happen. It’s like a petri dish for drama.”

For the show’s sixth season, the crew set sail for Tahiti.

Kate Chastain (as herself): “Fire dancing and flower crowns, we are not in the Caribbean anymore.”

Lee Rosbach: “This year we had the biggest boat in franchise history. 185-foot.”

And for this voyage, everthing did not go as planned.

Lee Rosbach: “We had one incident that happened on board that shook me to my core. That’s about all I can say about it!”

The captain has a new book called “Running Against the Tide.”

He’ll also be the official captain of the Seminole Hard Rock Winterfest Boat Parade — a much, much easier gig than his day job.

Lee Rosbach (as himself): “I’m so fortunate because i’ts my job. I get paid to do that.”

The new season of “Below Deck” airs Oct. 2 on Bravo.

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