Agua Bendita among brands showcased in 2019 Miami Swim Week

This summer just got even hotter, and we’re not just talking about the weather. Swim Week kicks off Thursday, and Deco hit the beach to check out a new collection that’s sure to make a splash.

Welcome to paradise.

Summer in SoFlo means it’s time to dive into Miami Swim Week.

Swim Week is a South Beach staple, and this year, there’s more to see and do than ever before.

Lara Lopez Picasso, Miami Swim Week: “Paraiso, it’s a new breed of fashion festival. We’re doing over 40 events in only four days. People from 62 countries around the world just come to Paraiso.”

Agua Bendita is one of the many designers hitting the beach.

They’re a Colombian brand known for their colorful and tropical swimsuits.

Sounds like the perfect look for having fun in the sun.

Catalina Alvarez, designer: “Agua Bendita is super trendy, super sexy. You’re gonna look beautiful wearing it.”

Deco caught up with the designer, Catalina Alvarez, for a sneak peak of what she’s debuting this week, and she tells us that Agua Bendita’s new collection is all about animal and floral prints.

Catalina Alvarez: “I think an animal print looks beautiful on anybody’s skin. We mix them with flowers. I think it’s like creating a different look for the animal print, and it’s something beautiful.”

Not ready to rock both patterns together? Not a problem.

There’s plenty of flower power, too.

Catalina Alvarez: “We’re having flowers as something very, very special. I think it’s like summer, and it goes perfect with the sun and with days at the beach or at the pool or your boat, whatever you’re thinking of.”

One way Agua Bendita is unique is that their swimsuits are made by women for women, and they really believe in taking a hands-on approach.

Catalina Alvarez: “We have hundreds of women in Colombia working with us, and they are doing all the the embellishments and hand embroideries that every single piece in Agua Bendita has.”

Miami Swim Week will run until July 16.


Agua Bendita
3535 NW 83rd Ave., Suite 119
Miami, FL 33122

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