80 South Florida Hooters girls make company’s 2020 calendar

Between our phones and our desktops, we don’t need wall calendars anymore, but one group of lovely ladies from SoFlo is giving us another reason to want wall calendars. Deco’s Alex Miranda is in Fort Lauderdale and encouraging us to save the date.

First, can I just say, the only other times I’m ever surrounded by this many beautiful women is back at 7News, sandwiched between Lynn and Shireen, but alas, you can certainly find beautiful women at any Hooters location too!

So many that 500 were chosen for the 2020 Hooters calendar, and one of them, the cover star, is one of our very own.

It seems like an impossible task…

Kimberly Campagna, Hooters: “Because so many girls try out for the calendar — like 1,000. From my location, I think it was like almost 20 of us, so for them to pick you, it’s like kind of a big deal.”

To find the most charismatic, unique and drop-dead gorgeous Hooters girl in the world.

Gianna Tulio, Hooters: “It’s such an amazing experience. It’s so much fun. You get to meet other girls from different locations of South Florida, and it’s just great energy.”

There are over 500 Hooters locations in 28 countries. Over 5,000 employees submitted photos, and now, Deco is celebrating the 80 South Florida winners!

Kristi Qaurles, Marketing Director, Hooters: “To be a Hooters Calendar girl, it’s from the inside out, so being the all-American girl next door, bubbly personality, putting your guests first, always having a smile. Obviously, being physically fit and maintaining yourself is important.”​

But only one can come out on top.

This year, it’s Sunrise native and 2019 Miss Hooters International, Briana Smith.

She’s gonna grace the 2020 cover, and Deco talked with her about the big honor, but also why it’s especially important to her family.

Briana Smith: “I’m just feeling so ecstatic. Today’s the day that all the girls, not just me, get to reveal their calendar picture, and I can’t wait to see the reaction.”

Alex Miranda: “I bet you’re so excited that one dollar of every calendar sold goes to supporting breast cancer research. You’re wearing pink. It’s not a coincidence, but Briana, your mom is battling breast cancer right now, so this must be so meaningful for you.”

Briana Smith: “It honestly is because of the fact that every dollar goes from the calendar to breast cancer, it’s just so enriching that I’m so happy to be a part of this company that does that. Early detection is key, and without that, my mom possibly wouldn’t have been able to spend more years with me, so I’m so happy about that.”

Alex Miranda: “Your family must be so proud. How’s your family feeling?”

Briana Smith: “My family is feeling good. They’ll be here in a couple of minutes, and I just can’t wait to see them.”

You can pick up a Hooters calendar online or at your local Hooters starting Oct. 1.


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