Fries, pizza, and sushi. You gotta love comfort foods.

But what if they got a little bit of a makeover? Deco’s checking out three spots that are putting a twist on yummy classics.

Eat, dip, and be cheesy!

P.M. Fish and Steakhouse is Brickell is frying up something special.

Carlos Pablovich, P.M. Fish and Steakhouse: “We have this side dish that is considered emblematic in our restaurant that is called the souffle potato.”

The souffle potatoes are kinda like a cross between a chip and a fry. Think crispy on the outside and airy on the inside.

Carlos Pablovich, P.M. Fish and Steakhouse: “We cut the potato thinly sliced, we season it in the house seasoning. We fry it first in hot oil until it becomes golden and then we put it in even hotter oil, where the potato just pops.”

The potatoes come in a basket made out of potato chips and with a side of cheese sauce, so you get to decide if you wanna pour it on top, or just enjoy them on your own.

Andres Alonso, customer: “It’s delicious because you just bite into it and it’s very soft. The souffle makes it a whole different experience and the cheese is like the cherry on top.”

It might look like a pizza, but this dish at Foozo in Midtown is a little more exotic.

Merah Frank, Foozo: “The khachapuri is our take on a focaccia that’s originally from the country of Georgia with lots of different cheese in the middle.”

This dish is made with mozzarella, feta, and goat cheese!

Merah Frank, Foozo: “We start by stretching open the dough into like an oval. We stuff all the cheeses into the middle, kinda pinch up the edges and cook it. And then when it comes out, it gets finished with the egg yolk and a scoop of butter.”

Wait, did she say egg?!

Merah Frank, Foozo: “The idea is that you mix it up, and then the egg kinda cooks with the focaccia.”

Now all that’s left to do is rip off a piece of bread and dip in!

Jacqueline Coleman, customer: “The khachapuri is so delicious. It’s just really cheesy, and you can’t get enough when you start dipping.”

In the mood for a sweet treat? There’s nothing fishy about the fruit sushi at Frudeco in Miami.

Yarden Weiss, Frudeco Bakery: “Instead of fish and the seaweeds, we’re using a coconut base with a lot of fruits.”

This dessert uses colorful soy paper instead of seaweed.

And no rice here, cause Frudeco uses a mixture of coconut shavings and coconut cream for the base.

Yarden Weiss, Frudeco Bakery: “For the fruit, we use kiwi, mango, strawberries, plums.”

All that gets rolled up, sliced, and topped with even more coconut and edible glitter. Go on, take a bite!

Ben Pinto, customer: “It was amazing. Like always, everything that they do is great. But the sushi today was incredible. It was the perfect balance.”

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