School Fashion

A lot of kids are headed back to school next week so it’s time to shop for that new look. Whether your child’s school requires uniforms or not. Kids can still express themselves. 7’s Lynn Martinez takes us shopping in today’s parent to parent.

WSVN — When it comes to back to school clothes, kids want a say in what they wear.

With most schools requiring some type of uniform, a little guidance is always good.

Maria Trotto-Mark of Planet T Uniforms: “They’ll give us the guidelines of what they want their students to look like, and we will imply that and help police that.”

At Planet T uniforms in Pembroke Pines, wearing a uniform doesn’t have to mean boring.

Maria Trotto-Mark: “We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a wide array of assortment.”

From pants to shorts, skirts to skorts, there’s a lot to choose from. Such as a white polo shirt paired with a pleated black skirt. Or try a more casual look with a pair of khaki shorts. And girls you don’t have to lose the bling factor.

Maria Trotto-Mark: “There’s little skorts with buckles and belts and hearts and all kinds of embellishments that make a girl feel special.”

Boys will look smart in a light blue polo shirt and navy shorts. Or prep it up in a red shirt with khaki pants. The concept is having comfortable clothing that will last.

Maria Trotto-Mark: “Adjustable waist applications, reinforced knees, fabrics that don’t fade or twist or bend.”

With uniforms, there’s another big benefit for parents.

Maria Trotto-Mark: “There’s no question in the morning, what should I wear, they get up, they get dressed, they go to school.”

Students can make their own fashion statement at Macy’s in Aentura.

Juliana Echevarria of Macy’s: “The hottest trends are individuality and freedom of choice.”

The are a variety of wardrobe staples for 2014.

Juliana Echevarria: “Graphics, bold prints, denim.”

Denim is durable and you’ll see it for both girls and boys from jeans to skirts and vests to jackets.

Juliana Echevarria: “Look for denim, leather and stud details.”

Boys will look cool in camouflage or preppy in plaid, plus graphic tees can be paired with everything from pants to shorts.

And what girl doesn’t love Hello Kitty?

Juliana Echevarria: “We have everything from lunchboxes to bracelets, necklace to ruffled skirts, cute little print t-shirts that are really in right now.”

So whichever look your little fashionista chooses they can strike a pose proudly.

Lynn Martinez: Parents a little piece of advice take your child shopping with you so they can be part of the process.


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