Face Fix

Many of us get broken capillaries on our faces from aging and the sun. It used to be dangerous to remove them, but there’s new hope for these blood vessel blemishes. 7’s Alexis Rivera shows us how a new laser is being used for a Face Fix.

WSVN — Darlene Stokes has always liked her skin. But, the small spider veins on her face really bothered her.

Darlene Stokes: “Like a dark purple color, and they were on both sides of my face. I was conscious of them, so I would cover them with makeup.”

For years, she wanted to get rid of the ugly veins.

Darlene Stokes: “I had asked about getting injections, and I was told, No, I couldn’t get the injections in my face.”

Sclerotherapy, which is an injectable solution is the gold standard when it comes to getting rid of spider veins on the legs, but not when it comes to facial veins.

Dr. Adam Gropper, Medical Director at North Beach Vascular: “Sclerotherapy on the face is really a no-no. If the sclerosis gets into the wrong veins, it can cause some major problems.”

Dr. Adam Gropper of North Beach Vascular is using a new laser called the Cutera Excel V to zap facial veins.The laser hits the tiny veins with pulses of light energy.

Dr. Adam Gropper: “It damages the vein permanently. A lot of the veins you’ll see disappear, when you hit them,” said Gropper.

And Dr. Gropper says there is less chance for complications with this laser.

Dr. Adam Gropper: “It has the two different wavelengths and has the ability to cool the skin. I think it’s much safer when it comes to burning or blistering.”

The Cutera Excel V laser erased Darlene’s facial veins.

Darlene Stokes: “It came out beautifully. Immediately, all the veins are gone and by the next day there wasn’t any redness.”

The laser can also be used to get rid of smaller, hard-to-treat spider veins on the legs. It’s even being used to treat brown spots on the face.

The cost for the laser is about $350. Patients who choose to undergo the laser treatment will need to avoid the sun for several weeks.


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