Winter works south

The second cold front within 24 hours is crossing south Florida.   The first one sent strong storms into our area on Monday night (including a confirmed tornado near Plantation).   That “rainmaker” cold front is now long gone as a secondary boundary draws down colder air.   Temperatures will actually stay below normal for the rest of the week.   Also, a bigger breeze out of the north will likely make it feel colder than what thermometers read.   Nighttime lows will fall into the 50’s for most of southeast Florida.   By the way, in the Florida Keys, temperatures will be a bit milder in the 60’s.   A large area of high pressure is now expanding into the southern states.   That will keep us mainly clear and dry over the next several days.   Also, our general pattern will continue feeling more like February, instead of March.    Of course, strong cold fronts become more rare, pretty soon!   Climatology tells us that cold fronts get weaker into the springtime for south Florida.   Eventually, by late April, those fronts struggle to reach us and we settle into a long period of warm (and hot) weather.   Enjoy the cool change.