Windy and wetter?

Our weather pattern is on the verge of another change.   There’s soon to be a building breeze from the ocean.   It will happen early this week as a huge high pressure area sets up off the northeastern states.   Meanwhile, lower pressures will continue south of Florida and especially in the Caribbean.   The resulting breeze will stir up surrounding waters and lead to a rip current threat (all week) along Florida’s Atlantic beaches.   In addition to that change, there will be increasing rain bands.   Moisture is now “reloading” and we’ll see more frequent showers moving along the breeze as the work week begins.   The return to unsettled weather, this time, is the combination of a front from the north and a tropical wave from the south.   The front is currently stalling out across north central Florida.   The boundary is expected to get nudged southward from Monday through midweek (at least).    As long as the front holds together near us, it will bring ongoing and high rain chances.   Next, the mentioned wave is now near Hispaniola.   As it moves west or northwest, the northern tip of the disturbance will send batches of rain to Cuba and possibly the Bahamas.   Of course, there’s always the chance the wave could fall apart…waves often do that.   Should it hold firm though, south Florida should get plenty of its deep moisture.   A round of thunderstorms will also be possible, mainly Tuesday, as the wave gets closer.   This tropical wave is not expected to develop into a depression or storm.   Upper winds are just not favorable for that to happen.   By the way, there are currently no tropical systems to follow.   It’s the first time in 50 days that there are no active depressions, storms, or hurricanes!    Remember, the season doesn’t officially end until November 30.   It’s worth mentioning that October is often a volatile month in the tropics, so we need to remain on guard.