Wind trend

Gusty ocean winds have been blowing since the middle of the week.   They’ll stay strong (especially near the coast) throughout the weekend.    Meanwhile, more clouds cover the sky.   Some of these clouds do contain rain but they’ll be racing away quickly… because of the swift wind flow.    This damp and sometimes unsettled weather pattern will last into the start of next week.    It will also undercut a bit of the heat, even as humidity holds.    High pressure is at the heart of our weather pattern. The high is basically anchored over the western Atlantic Ocean, not far from the island of Bermuda.    The clockwise flow around the feature is bringing plenty of warmth into our state, arriving from the southeast.   Any showers that wander into our area will move toward the west coast of Florida and the Gulf.   Overall, the rain chance will remain “isolated” through Monday.   Expect temporary showers with the potential for a couple passing downpours.  It may be just enough to have you seeking cover for a few minutes.   Looking ahead, steering winds will eventually shift by next Tuesday or Wednesday.   That will be key for the second half of next week.   During that time frame we’ll find hot and dry mornings followed by afternoon storms.   Finally, as a weak front tries to slowly approach (by Friday) our weather pattern could turn much more active and stormy.   Stay tuned.