Where’s winter?

Even by south Florida standards, it’s warm for this time of the year.   Temperatures continue to run about 10 degrees warmer than normal at night, and nearly that level during the day!   To the point, Miami reached 83 degrees on Sunday which tied the record high.   While future records may be difficult to beat (this week) we’ll hold on to highs in the lower 80’s.   You might say “we’re in good company” since the rest of Florida is also unseasonably warm.  High pressure is promoting quiet weather… all the way from New England to the Bahamas.   The high will remain firm throughout the week, albeit shifting southward with lighter winds over time.   Since our winds are coming off the ocean, a few random showers could roam across the region.  Still, any rain would be short lived and lacking in coverage.    The general forecast will sound familiar over the course of the week.   No fronts will be able to sag into our state so no cooling is in sight.   The pattern will be ideal to get outdoors with increasing sunshine ahead.   The “nuisance clouds” we’ve been seeing recently will thin out… especially into Tuesday and Wednesday, and well beyond!