Wetter times

We’re seeing a big plume of moisture stream into south Florida and the Bahamas.   It’s due to a couple disturbances and resulting in rain.   On Tuesday, most of the showers moved up from the Straits heading north and east.   Many of these clipped south Florida but the heaviest rain activity was actually offshore.   At the heart of this weather pattern is low pressure that’s sitting over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.   The low will tend to fade over the next day or so.   Once it dissipates, will that end the rain?   Probably not right away.  There’s another disturbance near our coast which will lead to more damp times into Wednesday, at least.   Meanwhile, a southerly air flow will keep the muggy conditions around as the week continues (along with warmer temperatures).   The warmest day in sight will likely turn out to be Friday.   At that point, local winds will shift out of the southwest which is the warmest air flow we can get.   Highs should elevate into the lower, if not middle 80’s (depending on extent of sunshine).   The warming trend will soon come to a halt as our next front arrives early in the weekend.   After the passage of the cold front, temperatures will scale back between 10 and 15 degrees.   Cool, dry air will shift into Florida for a sunny Sunday and pleasant Martin Luther King holiday, on Monday.