Week starts warm

We’re picking up where we left off last week (and the week before) with plenty of warm air hanging around.   It’s actually been a persistent pattern since the early days in February.   Temperatures are more aligned with what we’d expect in late April or May!    You may detect that it feels more humid too, into Monday and Tuesday.   A more southerly flow with less of a breeze is developing.   South Florida can expect to feel the middle 80 degree temperatures, at least through Friday.   At that time, a “rare” cold front is slated to cross the region.   While it won’t turn necessarily cool (by anyone’s standard) we’ll notice what may be a 10-degree drop.   This will happen at the start of March.   For what remains in February, we can count on the warm and somewhat wetter set up.   The reason?   The daily sea breeze boundary will form and progress inland.   A few heavy downpours will be possible, especially  around coastal areas during the morning, then favoring inland spots during the afternoon hours.   Since we haven’t seen much rain in recent weeks, you may want to make sure you have an umbrella handy, at times.