Weather repeat

It’s as if nature has hit the “pause button” in our south Florida weather.    Conditions remain virtually unchanged since the start of last week!    The main theme continues to revolve around strong (and often gusty) onshore winds.   We’ll still have to contend with the wind throughout our Easter Sunday.   The strongest breezes will be near the coast, as we’ve seen lately.   Looking ahead, there are some signals we might get some minor changes during the upcoming week.    With gradually decreasing winds may come a push of moisture from the south and east.   If that happens, more significant rain would rotate in our direction.   Also, there’s a good chance that you’ll begin detecting more humidity as the week plays out, too.   We’re now into the time of year when cold fronts rarely make it this far south.   Even through the extended forecast period, no fronts appear strong enough to even reach the Florida state line!