Weak front on the move

At times, this January, we’ve had strong cold fronts crossing south Florida with chilly air following each front.   This time is different.   Although we (again) find a front moving by, this one is much weaker.   It will drift southward through the area on Wednesday with only minor temperature differences by Thursday morning.  You’ll also notice a fair amount of clouds remaining over the region as the week continues.   The majority of these clouds will not produce rain, especially once winds turn out of the north and northeast.   Those wind speeds will increase, though.   As the week continues, we’ll be situated between the stalling front to our south and strong high pressure along the northern Atlantic seaboard.   Gusty winds will create marine problems.   Expect rip current hazards at the beach and potentially dangerous boating conditions.    The effect of the wind could linger well into the weekend, too.   Looking ahead, we’re already tracking the next cold front currently moving into the Pacific northwest.    The front is expected to steadily track across the country and possibly reach Florida early next week.  It’s too early to say (with any confidence) whether much cooling will make it to south Florida by next Monday.   There’s likely to be more moisture drawn ahead of the front, though.   Rain chances will increase as early as Sunday.