We “fall back”

Temperatures won’t be falling anytime soon.   Instead, it’s the time of year we “fall back” …adjusting our clocks as daylight saving time ends.   Enjoy an extra hour attached to the weekend but brace yourself for early sunsets and more darkness on the horizon!   Meanwhile, we are in a relatively quiet weather pattern.  At the moment, we’re sitting between high pressure (to our north and west) and a dissipating low near the Bahamas.   The eastern disturbance is the one setting off a few, random rain showers near the Atlantic coast.   If you encounter one of these on Sunday, realize that it won’t last long.   At the same time, it no longer feels like fall.   Temperatures are running slightly warmer than average.   They’re also well above last week when we had an actual cool stint.   As we look ahead, it’s a stagnant set up through Thursday with no noticeable changes.   Then, by the weekend, longer range forecast maps show a front approaching from the northwest.   It’s a cold front, but without the cooling you might expect this time of the year.    The boundary should only turn out to be a rain-maker for us.   The current thinking is that moisture will be drawn up ahead of the front very late in the work week.   We may get a few thunderstorms on Friday if the humidity rises enough (and if there’s enough instability when it arrives).   For the time being, there’s no sign of another “cool change” aiming our way.