Waves of rain?

There’s a good chance for rain showers leading up to Thanksgiving.   Heavy downpours, too,  will be possible due to a steady increase in moisture.   These “waves of rain” are the result of  a wavering frontal boundary that remains in our region.   The front initially passed through south Florida early Monday morning (as a very weak cold front).   Now, the front is beginning to lift northward as a warm front.   Temperatures are nearly the same on either side, so that won’t matter much.   Into Tuesday, weather changes feature decreasing winds with those extra showers.    Since winds will be lighter, areas of rain will be slower moving, by the way.   The current weather map shows extensive high pressure north of  Florida and that’s keeping most of the eastern states very quiet.   The high will weaken and slide into the Atlantic Ocean over the next few days.   The position of the high keeps plenty of moisture locked over us, basically trapped.   The wetter conditions may even get enhanced by Wednesday and Thursday as low pressure forms over the Gulf of Mexico.   Future weather maps, then, take the low into central Florida… which means much of the state will be soggy for the holiday.   The pattern will hold at least into Friday as we await another cold front.  It will attempt to sweep away the rain and bring us drier air from the north.   If successful, the drying trend would make for some nice weekend weather across south Florida.   A clearing pattern with slight cooling is the relief many us are waiting for.   Once it arrives (as early as the weekend) nice weather conditions should stick around for awhile!