Wave parade continues

Tropical waves have become a common occurrence over the past week, bringing unsettled weather into south Florida.    The latest in this trend is crossing the region now.   The wave itself is creating scattered downpours, but more rounds of rain will follow the disturbance early this week.   Of course, the weekend began with beautiful sunshine and drier air ahead of the moisture.    Now, a surge of moist air is overspreading the area and it will tend to linger for days.   The good news is that it’s simply a disorganized disturbance…  just a weak tropical wave that’s pushing toward the southern Gulf.   Conditions are not favorable for tropical development with this particular wave.   Having said that, there’s a more distant wave that may try to develop gradually.   It’s currently far from any land, over the central tropical Atlantic.  The National Hurricane Center says that wave will be monitored for possible slow development throughout the next week.   As for our local weather forecast in the days ahead, south Florida will see frequent clouds with occasional downpours.   The upcoming wetter pattern will be from the pool of moisture in combination with sea breeze boundaries.   Do be aware that lighter winds will probably spell more significant rainfall, due to the slower movement of rain and storms.   The first half of the work week, at least, will make it extra necessary to tote your umbrella.    Also, you may need to allow more time on the road (getting to work or any destination) due to slick conditions and slower travel.