Wave on the way

A tropical wave is approaching south Florida from the Bahamas.   It’s a weak wave, overall, but it’s set to bring rounds of rain showers on a strengthening breeze.   The on and off showers (along with a few thunderstorms) will be possible until the wave moves far enough west.   That’s expected to happen by late afternoon on Sunday.  Until then, occasional downpours are a good bet.   If you’re thinking ahead to Monday… which is the start of the school year for some… we’re likely to have a decrease in shower and storm activity.   This is especially good news for those interested in viewing the rare total eclipse of the sun!    Yes, there will be “typical scattered clouds” over Florida, but not the kind that will spoil the show.   The timing for this break in weather action is likely to be brief.   By Tuesday, another push of  deep tropical moisture is likely to return and that should account for another uptick in rainy weather.   As the new week begins, we’re also keeping an eye on the tropics.   There’s currently one classified tropical system (Harvey) recently downgraded to a depression.   Harvey is in the Caribbean and won’t be a concern for Florida or the United States, but it will swiftly approach Honduras and Belize.   Meanwhile, there’s a tropical feature that must be monitored in the days ahead.   It’s an area of low pressure north of the Lesser Antilles.   The low is likely to track north of Puerto Rico en route toward the Bahamas.   It’s too early to say whether it will become a depression or a storm.   The current thinking is that it might have less wind shear (or interference) to potentially develop as it moves toward the Bahamas.   Of course, it will have plenty of warm water “in its favor” for possible development.    When it comes to whether Florida could encounter a brush with the system, we don’t yet know.   Steering winds may tend to turn the system northward and away from our area… but it’s too early to make that call.   As a result, we need to watch (especially early in the work week) to make sure the system doesn’t grow stronger and move our way.   Stay tuned.