Watching a Fall Front

A cold front is tracking across the Southeast and is trying very hard to make it into Florida. At the moment, the leading edge of the cold air is sitting over Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Virginias.

On Wednesday, the front will enter Northern Florida, and if it can hold on over the next few days, it may bring us a few showers by the weekend or early part of next week, and then….


The 7 day outlook for high temps indicates the highs may drop to where they should be this time of year which is the mid 80s. It may not seem like much but with all the heat we’ve had lately in the upper 80s to around 90°, those forecast temps will feel very nice.

For you wishing for cooler weather, here are the average “first frost” dates. Typically South Florida needs to wait until after December first for any signs of frost to show up.

Where the frost may show up this week, is across some of the Mid Atlantic States and the Northeast.

If waiting that long for cooler weather here is bumming you out, then maybe this will cheer you up. On Tuesday morning the National Hurricane Center gave an area of low pressure by Honduras a 40% chance for development, but by afternoon, the chances went down to zero. As of this writing, there are no areas in the Atlantic Basin being watched for organization!