If you thought it was warm over the weekend (and it was, for this time of the year) get set for more warmth coming! Although there aren’t many weather changes for the short term, you will likely notice wind speeds settling back. This comes after recent gusty times. Winds are currently arriving from the east and strong enough to pull a small amount of moisture off the Atlantic in the form of sprinkles. Should you encounter a few rain drops, know that it won’t last or be anything of consequence. Before you know it, though, our air flow will turn more out of the south with its warming effect. That is expected to happen from Monday into Tuesday.

Generally dry conditions will hold through Thursday. Then, rain showers may materialize ahead of an approaching front at the end of the week (probably late Friday but possibly into Saturday if the front slows down). Before the boundary arrives, though, our south Florida temperatures will likely reach some record highs! Readings should rise into the middle 80’s during the afternoons, beginning Wednesday and holding through Friday. Once the front crosses, however, we should revert back to highs in the 70’s which is typical for this time of year. Humidity levels will also (finally) come down after the passage of our next front. Keep that in mind as you think about next weekend and the “more comfortable” and more seasonable weather ahead. Stay tuned.

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