Warmth continues

Plenty of warm air has been spreading into Florida from the east and it has us in the thick of a warming trend.   This pattern “still has legs” and will keep progressing through the middle of the week.   The weather map shows a large area of high pressure centered north of the Bahamas.   Its position is giving us an onshore flow with a nice coastal breeze.   The forecast calls for additional warmth from Tuesday through Thursday, due mainly to a shift in winds.   It’s a southerly air surge that will  have thermometers rising into the middle and possibly upper 80’s, over the next couple of days!   Warm air records may be in jeopardy.  Basically, we’ll be feeling very tropical until a cold front is able to reach our area, and there’s finally one in sight!  This next front is attached to a large system impacting most of the central states.   Once high pressure finally weakens over the western Atlantic, it will come our way.   The latest timing suggests a south Florida frontal passage during the evening hours, Thursday.   You’ll likely detect a change once it crosses.   Stronger winds will arrive with some noticeable cooling.    We’re calling for a general “10 degree drop” behind the boundary.   Our eventual cool down will carry over into the start of the weekend, but nothing too dramatic.   Plenty of sunshine will return along with mainly dry and pleasant weather conditions.