Happy Friday, South Florida!

The work week has come to an end and what a gorgeous week it was!  Blue skies, low humidity and comfortable temperatures stuck around the last few days and even though today was a tad on the warm side, it was a beautiful day!

The high pressure system that has kept control of the weather pattern last few days is slowly breaking down and has pushed offshore.  This allowed winds to veer a bit more out of the East today which is what triggered the warming trend South Florida is currently undergoing. And with a wind off the water, temperatures will continue to warm AND humidity levels will continue to rise.

Speaking of warming…As we head into the weekend, temperatures will really begin to warm.  We’re talking mid 80s during the afternoon.  Spotty showers will be possible this weekend during the overnight and morning hours.  And while Saturday is forecast to remain mostly dry, a front will reach South Florida for the latter part of the weekend, increasing our rain chances on Sunday.

Up until Sunday, rain chances should remain low.  Spotty showers at best on Saturday.  As for the front that arrives on Sunday….don’t let the news of this weekend’s warm-up affect you.   While this front won’t bring a significant cooldown as the one last weekend, it will be strong enough to quickly knock afternoon high temperatures down to the 70s once again!

But the big question that everyone wants to know is what will the weather be like for Thanksgiving?  After a cool-ish start to next week, temperatures will gradually warm through the week.  Yes, that means that Thanksgiving in South Florida is looking rather warm & a but more humid than we would like.  Good news is that rain is not forecast to be a problem.