Warmest week?

South Florida is definitely set for a warm week.  Will it be the warmest of 2019, so far?   That’s still “up in the air”.   We had a similarly warm stretch that peaked during the first days of the new year.   Here’s the radar and weather map showing that our warmth is arriving out of the tropical south.  That’s why it feels more like springtime with muggy conditions in place.

If wind speeds remain light to calm, areas of south Florida may experience patchy fog into Monday morning.   We can’t rule out dense type fog with very low visibility (1-mile or less).   Basically, there’s a bigger concern for the western suburbs extending toward the Everglades.  Other “headlines” include the fact that no cold fronts are going to be able to reach us this week.

The President’s Day outlook looks warm and favorable.   Rain chances are low and afternoon temperatures will range from the lower to middle 80’s.

Our pattern is dominated by high pressure sitting east of the Bahamas.   It’s directing the warm flow of air into our region.   It’s also what we call deep-layered high pressure because it extends high up into the atmosphere.   For “us” it’s like being under a big dome.   Disturbances, meanwhile, can’t penetrate this pattern becoming an obstacle, or roadblock, for any such systems that try to approach.