Warm and windy

Like it or not, our south Florida weather has been consistent!   For the past three days, the Miami high temperature touched 88 degrees.   Hotter readings have been hitting the west coast of Florida.   Naples, for example, soared to a record tying 95 degrees on Saturday!   While daytime highs remain slightly above average for the end of April, it’s our nighttime lows that are more impressive.    The often-called “minimum temperatures” have only fallen into the middle and upper 70’s (from late at night through daybreak).    All of this is typical with an onshore pattern that’s holding over the region.   This sets up warm winds swinging our way, from the Atlantic ocean.   Distant high pressure is directing the pattern and the “parent high” is northeast of the Bahamas, close to Bermuda.   Since the high remains strong,  it’s giving us a healthy breeze.   Winds will stay elevated through the early part of the week with gusty conditions near the coast.   It’s an important reminder that current winds are creating beach and boating hazards.   Be aware that the strong surf will last at least a couple more days.   Also, there’s heightened concern for rip currents along the beaches.  By the way, these dangerous currents may have contributed to two deaths over the past couple of days!   On the national weather map we’re seeing a large storm system lifting out of the south central states.   Rain and storms will keep spreading northward toward the Great Lakes… early this week.   A second storm will likely follow the same track, in just a matter of days.   Instead of that active weather, Florida will stay warm and relatively tame.  There’s a chance we may see a feeble front by next weekend.  If we do, rain chances will increase ahead of the boundary (on Friday).