Very brief break

Our break from wet weather isn’t lasting.   On Tuesday, nearly all of southeast Florida was able to stay dry (the exception being the Keys where scattered areas of rain still crossed).   The limited showers and return of sunshine was due to a wedge of drier air that slipped in from the east.   This “better weather” was able to creep in because we were split between two separate weather disturbances.   An upper low in the Gulf of Mexico finally ran out of steam.  That was the one that keep us soggy all of last weekend, by the way.   Another large low pressure spin is approaching, but it’s weaker than its predecessor.   It’s expected to move directly over Cuba on Wednesday while drawing up more moist air, from the tropics into south Florida.   Be ready for occasional downpours.  The instability will linger into Thursday, too, before settling down.   As we get into the late week time frame, conditions will be influenced by distant high pressure from the Atlantic.   The high is likely to strengthen and provide a stronger wind flow from the ocean.   If you’re making weekend plans you’ll need to know that winds could have an impact at the beach.   Rip currents will be an ongoing concern.   There may also be a few fly-by showers as winds bring in occasional pockets of rain, but they probably won’t last too long (unless a long streamer band develops).