“Up and down weather”

No doubt, our weather has had a “bounce” to it, lately.   The general pattern has been running the extremes (for south Florida).   On Friday, Miami had an afternoon high of 84 degrees with noticeable humidity and a southwest wind.   Then, on Saturday, the passage of a cold front changed all of that!    As we continue through the rest of the holiday weekend, expect much cooler and breezy conditions.   Jackets will probably be necessary at night (and in the early morning) with temperatures in the 50’s.   Winds, mostly from the north, will persist and they’ll be gusty at times.   Looking ahead to Martin Luther King Day, the only difference in our weather includes the increase in cloud presence once the flow veers off the ocean.   Moisture levels will still remain low… so rain chances are only slim near the coast.  Often, the next weather step, following a front like this, is the progression of warmth rebuilding.   This time, however, we won’t have much time before the next cold front moves our way.   It’s expected to dive into the southeastern states early in the week, reaching south Florida on Wednesday.   This front will also send another batch of winter air into our area.   Expect the return of nights in the 50’s, and possibly the 40’s, as we get deeper into the new week.