Happy Monday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the latter part of the weekend! We had plenty of sunshine and much drier conditions on Sunday as compared to the previous days leading up to it. That left a very enjoyable day for us here up and down the East Coast metro areas. But conditions across South Florida were already beginning to change this morning as showers developed across the Atlantic and made their way onshore.  Showers and thunderstorms also moved across the Keys.  This is a sign of things to change for us.

 So I’m sure everyone is wondering why we have had a few rainy days since last week. Well we have high pressure over the Atlantic waters that has once again set up shop and has allowed an easterly flow to tap into moisture from the Atlantic.  And given the time of the year, we’ve seen surges of tropical moisture moving through our area as little disturbances continue to ride along the southern periphery of that high pressure system over the Atlantic.  A tropical wave moved through South Florida on Friday and another one is set to cross just to the south of our area throughout the day on Tuesday. That will allow tropical moisture to spread across South Florida next few days.

Today areas of South Florida will see showers and thunderstorms as we have seen through the morning.  More clouds will slowly spread across our area as well as tropical moisture associated with the tropical wave over the Bahamas gets closer and closer.  With the cloud, showers & storms in place, our afternoon high temperatures will top out in the upper 80s and lower 90s.  Our easterly wind flow will remain on the stronger side so breezy conditions across South Florida will keep the risk for rip currents elevated along our east coast beaches today.

With all of this talk about tropical waves and tropical moisture, let’s talk about the tropics because the Hurricane Center is now keeping an eye on 3 different areas with a potential for development.  The first area over the NW Gulf of Mexico has a low chance of development and is forecast to move inland across Texas either tonight or Tuesday.  Another area is way out in the Atlantic about 1,000 miles WSW of the Cabo Verde Islands. This system also has a low development chance as it is battling a lot of dry air while moving westward towards the Lesser Antilles.  Lastly the third area being monitored by the NHC is the tropical wave closer to home currently over the Bahamas.  This system has a better chance of developing once it moves over the Gulf of Mexico later in the week.  This is the system that will be a potential rainmaker for us.

So for the upcoming work we will continue to bring that rain chance back into the forecast and we will keep it on the higher end because of a few other disturbances and that tropical moisture that will continue to move towards us here. So bottom line for the upcoming workweek: be sure to have that rain gear with you because it will be needed from time to time and I have a feeling it will be needed a lot more than not.