Tropical wave to watch

A distant tropical wave could play a role in our weather this holiday weekend (and that role could be “spoiler”).   The wave is currently cutting across the Lesser Antilles while leading to far-reaching storms around the eastern Caribbean islands.   We have plenty of time to follow the storm-maker as the week rounds out.

What we can say with confidence is that there’s plenty of tropical moisture pushing in our general direction.   If it stays intact, it could reach south Florida as early as Saturday with ongoing impacts maybe lasting through early next week.  That means Labor Day weekend is in jeopardy of a washout, should the wave hold and get close to us.

Tropical waves are batches of energy that are known to be fragile and because of that, they are difficult to predict.  They often fall apart.   Of course, sometimes, (under the right conditions) a tropical wave can grow stronger and occasionally become a tropical depression.   At this point there’s no reason to believe that an organized tropical system is coming our way.  What we need to brace for is simply the return of gusty downpours.   This is nothing new and lately we’ve been getting plenty of rainy and stormy weather, even without a disturbance!   A concern will be the potential for more soggy conditions and possible street flooding.

The bottom line?   Cloudy times are likely with wetter than usual days and nights.   Storms could roll-in with force, but it really does depend on whether the wave continues its westward push.   Stay tuned.

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