Happy Saturday, South Florida!

After a few soggy days in South Florida, the workweek finally ended with less rain and more sunshine. That’s because of some dry air that moved into our area in the mid and upper level to the atmosphere yesterday, bringing a nice end to the week. And although we are expecting changes in the forecast for this upcoming weekend, or Saturday morning started off rather quiet until about mid morning when showers began to increase.

The tropical wave that brought us a few soggy days moved into the Gulf of Mexico became what is now Hurricane Hanna. As it moved away, we have had other weather features that developed around our area. For one, we find an upper level low pressure system over the Bahamas and another area of tropical moisture to the south of us. The upper level low over the Bahamas will help trigger a few thunderstorms nearby but the moisture will be responsible for bringing scattered showers to our area throughout the entire weekend.

So with that low pressure system over the Bahamas and the surge of moisture that we are expecting, today south Florida will see better chances for rain as compared to what we saw yesterday. Now it won’t be a washout today but we will definitely notice a change in the weather pattern starting today. So scattered showers and a few thunderstorms are in the forecast through the day with afternoon high temperatures reaching into upper 80s and lower 90s because after all, this is South Florida and we will see times of sun today. The good news is that it will be on the breezy side so any shower activity that does come through our area will quickly move on out. The weekend looks about the same both days with increasing clouds as we head into Sunday and still a good chance for scattered showers and a few thunderstorms in the forecast. Sunday may even start off a touch wetter than what we’re expecting today. And we will definitely notice the uptick in cloud cover as we head into the latter part of the weekend. So if you have any outdoor plans or errands that you need to get taken care of this weekend, be sure to have that rain gear with you just in case you do encounter a shower or 2 either of the days.

The tropics are now once again looking a bit on the active side. We have tropical storm Hannah expected to make landfall in Texas this weekend and bring heavy rainfall to Texas and Louisiana. We have tropical storm Gonzalo slowly approaching the Leeward Islands and making its way into the Caribbean or conditions will become less favorable for any further development. And then we have a rigorous tropical wave over the Atlantic waters that has just come off of the west coast of Africa this system could be our next tropical depression. Gonzalo and Hannah are not a threat To South Florida, but we will have to watch that third system out in the Atlantic as it is still way out there.

Once we get through the increase in rain and thunderstorms this weekend, south Florida will finally begin to see an improvement as far as our rain chances are concerned. With some dry air trying to filter in once again in the form of Saharan dust, this should help inhibit shower chances each afternoon beginning Monday but especially Tuesday and Wednesday that look to be the driest days of the week for us. Much of the work week looks on the dryer side, although Thursday we could see a better chance for some showers trying to make their way into the forecast. Otherwise not too bad of an extended forecast for us especially when compared to The wet work week we just had.