Transition time

Our weather is finally making a transition.   After a whole week of being socked in (under clouds) drier times with more sunshine is on the way.   What happened to the deep moisture that was surging into south Florida?   It’s been shunted southward, for now. On Monday, additional rain “haunted” the Florida Keys during Halloween.  Now, as we head into November, we’re set to receive more typical fall conditions.  The weather map shows high pressure that’s both sprawling and strong over the southeastern states.   For us, that means a continued breezy pattern with winds from the Atlantic.   It’s still possible that a brief shower could push into coastal areas… even as generally drier air builds back.  As a whole, though, most locations will be void of rain during the middle of the week.  Looking on, we’ll be watching the progress of a cold front that’s slowly crossing the nation.   The boundary may eventually slide into Florida (although several days from now).   Some long range forecast maps show the cold front scooting into the Straits by the weekend.  Slightly cooler temps could work into the region as winds turn out of the north.  At this point, there’s nothing to suggest that any cooling would be dramatic, for us.