Tracking Isaias

Isaias will make its closest point of approach to the Treasure Coast of Florida from 10 am to 6 pm today. The worst of the weather continues on the East side of the storm over the Northwestern Bahamas. Outer feeder bands will bring periodic showers and gusty winds to South Florida.

Rough seas and dangerous rip currents to continue throughout the day. A High Surf Advisory is in effect.

Scattered squalls with rain bands will persist across South Florida today lifting Northward. However, due to the periodic showers producing gusty over 39 mph, a tropical storm warning remains in effect for Broward and offshore waters into Miami-Dade.

However, training can happen in any given area wherever the bands setup which could cause street flooding. While Isaias will continue to move away from the region on Monday, a tail of moisture will be left behind. This means that we will see some sun with tropical type downpours developing and isolated storms. Temperatures will rebound into the lower 90’s in many areas due to more sun/heat around.

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7