Tracking Cindy in the Gulf

Tropical Storm Cindy continues to churn out the rain across the northern Gulf states.   So far the wettest locations extend from Louisiana through the Florida panhandle.   The system itself is centered over the north central Gulf of Mexico.   Unfortunately, it isn’t moving very fast.   The latest forecast calls for Cindy to remain a storm with slight strengthening possible.   It should veer toward the northwest (and possibly north) over the next day or so, prior to reaching land somewhere between the east Texas coastline and western Louisiana.   As we’ve already seen, the effects of rain will continue to be far removed from the actual track of  Cindy.  That means more heavy rain with flooding will occur over a large area from this tropical system.   Residents along the Gulf coast will monitor rising water levels and brace for serious flooding troubles through the middle of the week, at least.   Here in south Florida, we’re now at “good arms length” from the associated tropical moisture.    While that doesn’t  keep all the  rain away necessarily, we’ll only see a few brief showers along our southeast winds.   It’s a hot and breezy weather set up that will continue.