Happy Tuesday, South Florida!

What a soggy and stormy start to our day! And if you were up quite early before the sun even came up you probably had a different type of wake up call this morning: THUNDER!  the Keys were especially wet all morning with heavy rain and a few thunderstorms rolling through the island chain.  And because many areas saw rain and thunderstorms overnight and early this morning it helped rain-cool our temperatures into the 70s, bringing temperatures down this morning as compared to the last few mornings where we started off in the 80s across many spots.

Tropical moisture is being advected into our area as a tropical wave continues to cross just south of our state today.  All of this moisture is evident in that only water vapor imagery, but we’re also seeing the rain and thunderstorms that was spreading across the Bahamas now beginning to spread across South Florida. So it looks like South Florida will continue on an unsettled weather pattern.

The last two days weren’t too terrible for us here in South Florida.  We saw some rain and thunderstorms during the morning hours on Monday but the afternoon had plenty of sunshine with just a few showers later in the afternoon. For today were expecting the deepest of the tropical moisture to move through so we will see an increase in cloud cover and we will see showers and thunderstorms continuing on and off throughout the day today. Because of the limited sunshine and because of the increase in rain and storms, our afternoon high temperatures will most likely struggle to get out of the upper 80s across many spots. Some areas seeing the heaviest rain like the Keys might be stuck in the mid 80s all day.

With all of this talk about tropical waves and tropical moisture, let’s talk about the tropics because the Hurricane Center is now keeping an eye on 2 different areas with a potential for development.  The first area is way out in the Atlantic about halfway between the west coast of Africa and the Lesser Antilles. This system is looking better organized today and a tropical depression could form later today before moving over a less favorable environment this weekend. Another area being monitored by the NHC is the tropical wave closer to home currently extending from the Florida Keys, across Cuba & into the Western Caribbean.  This system has a slightly better chance of developing once it moves over the Gulf of Mexico later in the week.  This is the system that has spread tropical moisture across South Florida.

All of the unsettled weather that we are experiencing here at home is due to that tropical wave that the National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on.  It will eventually push in to the Gulf of Mexico later on tonight into tomorrow. At this time it should begin to take all of the moisture with it, slowly decreasing our rain chances.  But that won’t be the end of an unsettled weather pattern for South Florida, as we are expecting a few more disturbances (which are riding along the southern periphery of a high-pressure system over the Atlantic) to move through South Florida. That will help keep mention of rain and thunderstorms in the forecast through much of the work week before transitioning back to typical rain chances across our area once again.