Strong storms with tropical downpours targeted the eastern half of south Florida, once again Monday afternoon.    This pattern of repeated stormy weather goes back to last week (and the very first day of August)!   Here’s a picture from around 2 pm as the sky was dark over Biscayne Bay.

With the latest drenching, a Street Flood Advisory was issued for much of  Miami-Dade County.   It has since expired.   Also, a similar alert extended northward into Broward.

By later in the afternoon (Monday) the brunt of the storm activity had shifted northward, then offshore.

If you’re ready for a weather change, you’re going to have to be patient.   Tuesday’s forecast map shows another round of storms, arriving in the afternoon.   Be prepared for robust thunderstorms with lots of lightning.   Into the evening, then, the activity should taper off.

Our active stretch will settle down, at least slightly, during the middle of the week.   The reason?   A low pressure disturbance finally heads northeast and away from our region.   That will allow high pressure to rebuild from the Atlantic Ocean.   There is a bit of drying that will approach south Florida.  It won’t totally take the rain away and we’ll still have the chance for at least some seasonal summer showers.

Finally, here’s a look at the wide tropical view that we pay close attention to, this time of the year.   While we see a parade of tropical waves, all are weak and show no signs of development in the days ahead.

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