They’re Lining up

We continue to watch a series of fronts that are lining up (but still mostly distant).  The first of these will arrive late Sunday night into Monday with very little fanfare!   Ahead of the boundary, expect beautiful and calm conditions throughout Sunday.   Most clouds will hold off until late in the day or nighttime.   As the cold front advances, it will weaken as it sags southward through Florida.   Even though it’s what we’ll call a “feeble front” it’s also what we might call a “fickle front”.    That’s because most of the future weather maps have it crossing the Keys, stalling out, then lifting back north again!   The reason is due to a developing system in the Gulf that should tug it northward… especially Tuesday morning.   This time, the front will have more moisture and may trigger areas of rain over the region.   It’s worth pointing out that the Gulf system is an area of low pressure that could also play a role in our Thanksgiving Holiday.   The exact timing is unclear, but the low may drift out of the Gulf of Mexico and cross Florida from Wednesday through Friday.   If that happens, rain showers and possible thunderstorms could evolve over the course of a day or two.   The unsettled weather conditions will probably be over by next weekend.   However, turkey day and Black Friday have the possibility of being both dreary and soggy.   Stay tuned.