The summer sizzle

The sweltering heat and humidity is here (not that we’d expect otherwise this time of year)!   South Florida continues to bake, courtesy of air from the tropics and tropical moisture that lingers.   In recent days we’ve been talking about the potential for some Saharan dust (drier and hazy conditions).   As it stands, we appear to only be getting a small sliver of that.   The greater portion of drying has been squashed south due to a low pressure area that formed.  That low, high in the sky, is currently over central Cuba and its counter-clockwise flow is hindering the movement of drier weather.   As a result, “normal” chances of rain, around 30 to 40%, continues over our area into Sunday and Monday.   Having said that, there’s a greater likelihood for downpours “away from the coast” for inland spots.   This would include metro areas, as the sea breeze boundary slowly triggers a few storms that drift north and west during the afternoon hours.   The basic pattern could change as early as Tuesday and Wednesday.   Medium range forecast models are hinting at another upper low approaching the region.   That would likely be accompanied by a surge of moisture building over us into the midweek.  Hopefully, (through more information) we’ll get a better idea on the potential timing of future thunderstorms, as the 4th of July holiday is hanging in the balance!   Stay tuned in the days ahead.