The heat is on

Higher temperatures are here.   The warming has been slow but steady throughout the week.   Now, south Florida is feeling less like spring and more like summer!  As a reality check, our normal high for the start of April is 82 degrees.   This weekend, daytime readings will elevate into the middle and upper 80’s.    What’s even more impressive is when you factor in the humidity.  Our “feels like” temperature will be above 90 degrees.   That’s what we call the heat index… even though we haven’t had to mention that for several months.   The higher heat is due to the fact that we’re getting our air out of the south.    That’s making it feel quite tropical across the region.   With some extra moisture, there’s also a continued chance to pick up an isolated shower.   Through Friday morning, most of the rain was over the Gulf of Mexico (although some spotty downpours were detected over the Straits).   Interestingly, the weather map shows a cold front that has made progress into northern and central Florida.  The problem for its future, however, is that it’s running into some resistance.   As it loses its push and punch, we’ll simply see a weak boundary struggling to hold together while over south Florida this weekend.   The only impact of the boundary will be a slightly higher rain chance.   By late Saturday and Sunday, the front is expected to fall apart with maintaining “warm winds” out of the south.   The steamy weather will hold steady well into next week.   In fact, the next opportunity for any cooling whatsoever isn’t until next Friday… when we monitor the next front.