Summer storms

Our steamy and “sometimes stormy” week continues.   For those near the coast, it’s been less active since storms have often focused on locations west of the metro areas.   The clash between the east and west coast sea breezes (where they meet) has been triggering the daytime storms.   This is all very typical during the summer months in south Florida with plenty of heat and humidity fueling the storms in the afternoon.   This familiar set up will continue through the middle of the week.   In spots where we don’t see as much rain, temperatures will sizzle into the lower and middle 90’s with a fair amount of steamy sunshine.   By Friday, forecast models are showing some Saharan dust attempting to move in.   If that happens, rain chances will decrease.   In addition to drying, we could see hazy skies and even feel hotter!   The potential “hazy and drier change” could continue into the weekend.  Regardless, we’re now in the midst of the real scorching part of the year.   The heat index (actual temperature with the humidity factored in) will be above 100-degrees during the peak heating of the day.