It’s feeling more steamy across south Florida.   On Friday, Miami reached 88 degrees for the high (although the “heat index” was in the middle to upper 90’s during the afternoon)!   That is the reading when you factor in the humidity with the actual air temperature.   The bottom line is we’re “in the fast lane” getting a jump start on summer!

For now, south Florida is caught between two weather features:   High pressure over the western Atlantic Ocean and a distant front draped down into the western Gulf.   Our air flow is veering more out of the south as we begin the weekend.

Expect a tropical feeling weather pattern and as we start next week, too.   Things won’t change much through Monday with a general flow holding from the south.   By the way, there’s enough lingering moisture to easily stir up a passing shower or two, including sudden heavy downpours.

Looking ahead into the middle of next week, a weak front is likely to stall out across Florida.   We’ll remain south of the boundary and prone for daytime storms (some of which could be strong).   Ultimately, the extent of the “potentially stormy” conditions will depend on where the front ends up and how long it holds together.   There’s a decent chance that we could have multiple days of unsettled weather, including numerous storms.   Stay tuned.

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