Summer Heat

The summer steam is over us and it’s not going to waver anytime soon.   If you’re thinking that it feels hotter as we begin the weekend, you’re right.  First of all (in general) these late June days bring the highest and strongest sun angle of the year.   Adding to that happens to be a weather pattern with fewer clouds near our coast… so there’s limited “shade”.  All the while, interior areas will be getting at least some “rain cooled air” during the day.   At the heart of this pattern is onshore winds, moving east to west.  As sea breezes (from both the Atlantic and the Gulf) merge over the Everglades, scattered storms will likely form during the afternoon, well inland.  They should tend to shift westward due to steering winds.  As you plan your weekend, expect light winds and plenty of heat and humidity.   Small and brief showers are still possible away from the Everglades, but they shouldn’t spoil outdoor activities since they won’t last long.   Overall, it’s a typical summer set-up.  By Monday and Tuesday, we could see wetter weather.   Some forecast models are showing an upper low north of the Bahamas during the early week.  Depending on its position more numerous areas of rain could start spreading in.  Stay tuned.