Small areas of rain have been quickly skirting from the ocean into south Florida.   More pockets of rain showers will continue to push along the breeze, across much of the region.   Recent water vapor charts (sometimes called our “moisture maps”) show a broad spin that extends across the northwestern Bahamas.  It’s from an upper level low reinforcing unsettled conditions and resulting in batches of wet weather.   Interestingly, in between instances of rain we’ve also seen periodic breaks of sunshine.   It’s all very classic during summer in the tropics!  The current weather map shows a sprawling high pressure area to our north.  The high has been stronger in recent days, but should weaken with a dying breeze during the middle of the week.  The forecast indicates more scattered showers with thunderstorms.  These will mainly result from the sea breeze as it moves toward the west coast of Florida.  In the tropics, a far away disturbance may become a tropical depression in the near term.   It will remain harmlessly over the open waters of the ocean.   Long range forecast tracks have it curving more northward by the weekend.  If that happens, it will move into cooler waters making it a non-threatening system. 5678

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