Strong sunshine

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger.   Yes, it’s May.   Often this time of year feels hotter than the actual summer season, due to the fact that the summer months are accompanied by more frequent clouds (and times of rain).   For now, we’re seeing a stretch of days with intense sun and very little shade from clouds.   High pressure is the reason for the bright conditions and the high is centered almost directly over us.   Since we have strong sun, make sure you apply sunscreen if you’re going to spend much time outdoors.   The UV index reading is currently in the “extreme” range.   That means sun safety is needed… and protection against skin and eye damage is necessary.   When you’re outdoors, take precautions by applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing  and UV-blocking sunglasses.   For south Floridians, these tips are well known and taken seriously during summer but possibly not as much leading up to the season.   Our late week forecast calls for some gradual weather changes as the week winds down.   The “nearby high” will shift south by the weekend which will open the door for a front to move our way.   The front will likely become feeble as it progressively weakens across the state.   The main forecast difference will be an increase in cloud cover with a few isolated showers from Saturday through Sunday.   Temperatures will continue to sizzle.