Stormy stretch

We’re in the midst of a stormy pattern and it’s not going to be easy to break away from it.  The deluge of daily storms began last Sunday and they’ve only intensified into the middle part of the week.   On Wednesday, heavy rains were prompting street flood advisories.   The focus of the wet weather was coming all the way from Coral Gables and downtown Miami to southern parts of Broward County, including Dania Beach.   In all (Wednesday) rain totals ranged from 1 to 4 inches of rain over a large area.   Since the ground is already saturated, additional flood concerns could easily redevelop on Thursday.  The reason for our stormy stretch is a large disturbance of low pressure swirling over the southeastern states.   You’ve probably heard the saying “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.   The same can apply to our weather as the weekend approaches.   The low pressure to our north will weaken and depart, but that won’t bring an end to all the rain in our region.   Even as high pressure takes control from the western Atlantic, there’s another weather disturbance that could stir up storms.   An upper low (high in the sky) is forecast to move toward the Bahamas and near Florida.   That, in addition to the afternoon sea breeze, will keep downpours in the forecast for the next several days.   With an abundance of clouds and rain our temperatures will be kept in check and won’t feel as stifling hot as earlier this week.