Storming in, again

For the third day in a row, strong thunderstorms pounded most of south Florida.   You might remember, on Thursday, storms were highlighted by hail.   On Friday, it was gusty winds stirring things up (in excess of 40 miles per hour).   Then, Saturday, it was the prolonged effect of the rain with flooding concerns.  The wettest area was not far from Miami International Airport, although extending far west and south.   Excessive rains between 2 and 4 inches had a large chunk of central and southern Miami-Dade under a Street Flood Advisory throughout the late afternoon, before subsiding.    As we begin the new week, some things just aren’t going to change.   We still have weak high pressure west of Florida centered over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.   We also still have a light southerly air flow giving us access to tropical humidity.   With moisture in place the still-sluggish Atlantic sea breeze will stir up another batch of showers and storms.   Be prepared for heavy downpours mainly from the late morning hours (with an initial round) then again later in the day, most likely into the early evening.   It’s also worth mentioning that a weather disturbance, a “high up area of low pressure”, will be passing to our south.   Even though we’ll probably be removed from the main energy as it tracks toward the Straits and Cuba, it could “energize” storm activity from late Sunday through Monday.   After that, we should see a very gradual drying trend.   Not totally dry, but drier than we’ve had it recently!   That’s expected as high pressure rebuilds from the Atlantic Ocean.   Finally, what may further reduce rain chances will be the potential for Saharan Dust to drift our way by Wednesday.   Throughout the rest of the week, look for steamy light winds from the southeast and (hopefully) lower rain and storm chances over time.   Many areas need to dry out!