Storm potential Monday

Showers and scattered storms are likely to break-out ahead of an approaching cold front, as Monday progresses.   Be aware that there’s enough moisture for heavy downpours and enough instability for nasty thunderstorms.   The main storm hazards include lightning, brief gusty winds, and small hail.   The timing of the front suggests the boundary reaches us during the peak heating of the day (or shortly thereafter).    As a result, that has south Florida under a marginal risk for severe storms according to the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma.   The wet weather won’t continue very long.   By Monday night, deep drying will be coming our way due to winds switching out of the north.   Expect lower humidity and, yes, even another cool spell similar to last week!    Cooler than average conditions will tend to linger at least through Friday.   It’s too early to know if this will be our “last blast” and encounter with cool weather.    Based on history, south Florida gets fewer and weaker cold fronts from late March into April.   Then, those cold fronts are prevented from reaching us until late in the year… returning late October or even November!